RFDX Association

Since I have obtained my License via the RFDX I make a little advertising for the association

The Romeo Foxtrot DX Association. (Radio Friends of Dx) is a non-profit association founded in 2012 by befriended radio amateurs.
The RFDX is a friendly association with people who care about each other.
That is precisely why our slogan “Courtesy and friendship” is woven into it.
Licensed and Dx amateurs jointly practice the radio hobby at the association.
You can move on to Novice with us by using the free Novice and Full lessons that are given online in our clubhouse.
Nothing is better than organizing an event together such as the National Mill Day, Field Weekends, but also an event such as 70 years of Market Garden on the Ginkelse Heide and the National Heritage Days.
Membership to our Association is free..

the rfdx group with which I took the exam on March 7, 2018, after the exam as graduates in the photo

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