Welcome to my website
After stopping with my hobby 30 years ago (27 MC radio) i picked up that old hobby again and became an official licensed radioamateur.

In October 2017 i started with the amateur radiocourse at the RFDX association, I took my official exam on 7 March  2018 and got my official amateurradio licence.
Now I am QRV on several frequency’s now since Feb 23 with the call PD1U, before that it was PD7MP.

At home im currently working with an Yaesu FT-991A tranceiver and an HyEndFed 3 Band Black Clamp MK3 antenna, height 5 meters.
For mobile use I am using a TYT TH-9800 Plus 2-6-10m/70cm band radio, and sometimes  the Anytone AT-6666

Frequencies on which I am allowed to transmit on are  :
40 meter band:  7.0500 – 7.2000 MHz
20 meter band: 14.0000 – 14.3500 MHz
10 meter band: 28.0000 – 29.7000 MHz
2 meter band: 144.0000 – 146.0000 MHz
70 cm band:   430.0000 – 436.0000 MHz (primair)
70 cm band:   436.0000 – 440.0000 MHz (secundair)

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